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What You Should Know About Virtualization

The term “virtualization” has become somewhat ubiquitous in any area of information technology, although the definition seems to change and can be confused with other technologies. For most, it represents a move away from the tangible to the immaterial, from hardware to software, from dedicated equipment to shared storage spaces on the Cloud. So what is virtualization and how is it helping businesses keep pace with a progressive technology landscape?

What is Virtualization?

Data Recovery Tips for Small Businesses

How great it is to run a small business in the digital age!  Customer information and business data can be all stored and filed in one easy to access, central location – on-premises or off-premises.   But before you start trading out those filing cabinets for the cushy cloud, remember that data is not invincible, but it is recoverable.   

Beginners Guide to Firewall Terms - Part 2

A continuation of the previous blog post, these terms extend the description of the protective technologies that current firewalls are capable of.  

Unified Threat Management (UTM )

UTM protects from attacks, viruses, Trojans and other malicious threats by consolidating multiple network security features onto one platform.  This can include network firewall, intrusion detection/prevention, gateway anti-virus, etc.  UTM takes advantage of the current processing power available and improves security by integrating and centralizing protection.