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Beginners Guide to Firewall Terms - Part 1

Some of the tech-talk related to network security can overwhelm of staff not steeped in the nuances of the burgeoning information technologies and ever-multiplying acronyms.  For small to medium sized businesses without the budgets to employ a full-time IT security professional, making the right choice on a firewall solution can be confusing. Even having the smallest grasp on some important firewall terms can help a small business owner make a better decision.  

Interpreting the 2012 Verizon Breach Report

Since 2004 the Verizon RISK Team has been tracking data and online security breaches on an annual basis, publishing an annual Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR).  The 2012 report represents a collaboration of international government security agencies united in stifling the growth of online theft and crime.  The United States Secret Service, Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit, Australian Federal Police, Irish Reporting & Information Security Service, Police Central e-Crime Unit and London Metropolitan Police all combined to

A Basic Breakdown of CISPA

Are you ready for another round of internet security legislation?  Following the somewhat similar path of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is once again bringing web security to the forefront of national and legislative debate.  However, unlike SOPA, the newly proposed CISPA is directed towards total internet protection as an aide to national security, as opposed to putting a halt just on internet piracy.

Collaborate Instead of Dictate: Keeping Productivity Levels High and Employees Happy

Recently we came across an article posted on InfoWorld that sparked our interests.  The post discussed the common perception that certain mobile applications and other social networking websites drastically cut into an employee’s productivity.  On many occasions companies are relying solely on their IT departments to mitigate drops in productivity related mobile device use and other more entertaining proclivities.