Off-Site Backup

Guard against unexpected data loss and expense now with off-site backup.

Providing secure off-site data backup servicesWhether the result of a natural disaster, fire, or simple equipment failure, unrecoverable data loss costs businesses millions of dollars annually. What’s more, keeping up with backup technology is complex, expensive and tedious. For most organizations, backup and recovery processes are expensive overhead that fail to contribute to your core business and tie up expensive, technical resources that are better used improving your company’s bottom line. Our enterprise-class off-site backup solution provides you with an economical alternative, eliminates the hassle and allows you to focus on areas that are truly important to your business.

Enterprise Off-Site Backup Services include:

  • Comprehensive 24/7 management of backup and recovery operations
  • Reporting for documentation of activities and audit logs for review
  • Solutions for your Crosslin Technologies hosted systems as well as your on-premises systems
  • Near-line and remote solutions   
  • Multi-location backups for critical disaster recovery and business continuity situations


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